Swift (ZC) - Rear

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Swift (ZC) - Rear

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In all modern production cars the engine transmission suspension and body shell are connected directly or indirectly to the subframe.
Bolting the subframe and the body shell together makes for an incredibly stiff construction however problems arise between the mating of these two structures.
During construction the bolt holes are made significantly larger than the bolt in order to speed up the production process in the factory. However due to the excess space around the bolt the body shell and subframe are able to move about even when the bolt is in place as a result of the misaligned panels it is impossible to have an accurate geometry set-up. Typically this normally happens after a few thousand miles but hard use can bring the problem to the fore earlier.
If the two panels do not sit flat and even then they will work against each other creating a spring effect which is detrimental to the handling of the car.
Rigid Collars are a form of body strengthening creating the same effect in part to seam welding. Once fitted to the recommended key points where the subframe meets the chassis creating a more perfect join they significantly improve the all-round handling of the car. This form of chassis tuning is almost as strong as welding the components together as you would do in a competition car.
Rigid Collars are constructed from a unique aluminium alloy specifically designed by Spoon Sports in order to provide the ultimate performance gains. When the Rigid Collar is fitted correctly torqued to the correct settings the unique nature of the alloy enables it to spread out to form an even contact surface for the panels to mount whilst also creating a perfect bolt fit between the subframe and the body shell.
Benefits of installing Rigid Collars.

  • Removal of the spring effect - resulting in superior all round handling.
  • Accurate Vehicle Geometry - resulting in greatly improved straight line handling as well as a reduction in road noise.
  • Improved feedback through the steering wheel - resulting in a more positive feel when changing direction at high or low speeds.
  • With the correct equipment installation can be completed in less than an hour.

Handling vibration noise and tyre wear there is no limiting factors Rigid Collars will only improve all of these areas.
Simply the most significant development in chassis tuning for many years.